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Unlocking Success with RAGE DIGITECH and Micro Solutions

Welcome to the Main Partner page, where we proudly showcase our collaboration with two industry-leading companies: RAGE DIGITECH and Micro Solutions. Together, we offer a comprehensive suite of high-quality IT services designed to empower businesses and establish a strong online presence. presence.
At RAGE DIGITECH and Micro Solutions, we prioritize the security of your valuable business data. Our partnership provides:

Data Security

At RAGE DIGITECH and Micro Solutions, we prioritize the security of your valuable business data. Our partnership provides:

Data Security: We implement a highly reliable backup system that safeguards your data, mitigating the risk of loss due to incidents like fire, theft, or computer crashes.
Backup and Restoration: Our expert team ensures the comprehensive and rapid backup and restoration of your data, including applications, messaging systems, virtual machines, and more.
Data Protection: We offer robust recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) to protect your data and minimize downtime.
Professional Antivirus Solutions: With our professional antivirus solutions, we enhance the security of your servers and workstations, ensuring comprehensive protection for your business.


Unlock the power of virtualization with RAGE DIGITECH and Micro Solutions. Our partnership brings you:

Dynamic and secure data center strategies: We help you develop and execute dynamic and secure data center strategies
Next-generation data centers: 
Infrastructure optimization: Our solutions optimize your IT infrastructure, improving your net results, fostering innovation, and mitigating business risks.
Enhanced application performance: Benefit from improved application performance, ensuring availability of resources and meeting the demands of your enterprise applications.
Efficient resource utilization: We enable multiple virtual servers to operate on a single physical machine, maximizing resource utilization and reducing costs.

IP Telephony VoIP

Experience the benefits of advanced VoIP telephony solutions through our partnership:

Complete, efficient, and cost-effective telephony: Our VoIP solutions offer comprehensive functionality, cost savings, and simplicity for your business communication needs.
Streamlined call management: Easily manage calls to landlines, mobiles, and international destinations from different lines. 
Increased productivity: Our solutions empower your team to increase productivity while reducing communication costs.

Network Protection

RAGE DIGITECH and Micro Solutions deliver reliable network protection solutions, reducing the risk of hacking and ensuring the security of your wired and wireless networks.

Infrastructure Cabling:
Our partnership offers professional infrastructure cabling services, including the installation of structured cabling, electrical, computer, and telephone cables. We deliver:

Reliable installations: Our certified professionals guarantee the secure and efficient installation of cabling systems tailored to your specific requirements.
Complete supply and installation: We provide all the necessary components, such as patch panels, connectors, hubs, repeaters, routers, switches, firewalls, server cabinets, cable trays, and more.

Telecom Equipment

RAGE DIGITECH and Micro Solutions partner with renowned global telecommunications equipment manufacturers. Our collaboration offers:

Modern and durable tools: We provide state-of-the-art telecom equipment from industry-leading manufacturers.
Maintenance and support: Our services include comprehensive maintenance and support, ensuring the optimal performance and functionality of your deployed equipment.
Customized solutions: We consider the specific requirements and budgetary constraints of your business to deliver tailored telecom equipment solutions.


RAGE DIGITECH and Micro Solutions offer a range of managed services to optimize your IT operations:

Improved application software: Our managed services enhance essential application software vital to your business, freeing

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